Topical Sketches – First Rough Edits

Not all of the sketches Debs wrote for the Autumn 2019 Newsjack submission window made it to air, so there was only one thing for it: record them herself!

There are more coming soon (watch this space) but the first two have had a rough edit and you can listed to them now.

Mythical Meeting

In one of the biggest environmental DNA studies of its kind, it’s been suggested that the Loch Ness Monster might be a large eel.

Hand Holding

It’s been revealed that the Lovers of Modena, a pair of ancient skeletons who were buried holding hands, are in fact – shock horror – both men.
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Vamps Series 2 Episode 2

The second Episode of Series 2 of Vamps is now available for your listening pleasure! Check it out now below (and on iTunes) and if you need to catch up, you can find all previous episodes by clicking on the “Vamps the Podcast” link above.

S2Ep2 “Seeds of Envy”

In which we learn that powers can vary.

Vamps – Podcast Available

An adapted version of Debs’ play Vamps is coming out as a podcast series – the first episode is available now!

Episode One: “The Letters”

In which we learn that vampires bicker.

This will be available on iTunes soon, but in the meantime all episodes will be posted here – and you can follow Debs on twitter and facebook to get updates!