Rehearsed Readings

One year ago today, the incomparable Mr Simon Josiffe and I put on our first rehearsed reading. We’d found a small fringe theatre in London that we could hire for the day relatively cheaply and bribed a bunch of actors with the promise of sandwiches and biscuits. A rehearsed reading is a really back to basics affair with no set, props, or costume – the actors meet to go through the material a couple of times but they perform, sitting or standing, with the scripts in their hands.

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Rehearsed Readings in Oxford!!!

Debs and Simon have teamed up with the brilliant folk at Blackwell’s Bookshop to bring their next rehearsed readings to Oxford!

You are therefore cordially invited to join us for a magical evening of light-hearted rehearsed readings as we step into the weird and wonderful world of The Fae.

The readings will be taking place in Blackwell’s Norrington Room from 7pm on 25th April 2019. There’ll be a bar and everything…

Book your tickets now!

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Domesday / SexQuest – Rehearsed Readings

Debs has teamed up with Simon Josiffe once again to bring you another afternoon of rehearsed readings – Sunday 2nd December, 2pm, Baron’s Court Theatre.

This time, a brilliant cast of actors will be giving voice to two sitcom pilots: “Domesday” by Debs and “SexQuest” by Simon (more info coming soon, but we’ve had a sneaky peak at “SexQuest” here at Wardle Towers and it’s hilarious).

Further information can be found over on Facebook.

About “Domesday”

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