Domesday / SexQuest – Rehearsed Readings

Debs has teamed up with Simon Josiffe once again to bring you another afternoon of rehearsed readings – Sunday 2nd December, 2pm, Baron’s Court Theatre.

This time, a brilliant cast of actors will be giving voice to two sitcom pilots: “Domesday” by Debs and “SexQuest” by Simon (more info coming soon, but we’ve had a sneaky peak at “SexQuest” here at Wardle Towers and it’s hilarious).

Further information can be found over on Facebook.

About “Domesday”

The year is 1086 and we are following the men of Baldwin the Sheriff who’ve been cast out into the wilds of the Westcountry to gather evidence to submit to the forthcoming Domesday Survey.

William, the Norman who Baldwin’s put in charge, has been saddled with three incompetent companions (Osfrith, a Saxon; Colwine, a monk; and Rolf, a knight) who inadvertently hamper him at every turn.

The group find their administrative mission to be even more tedious than it sounds. Not only are the locals somewhat less than helpful (infuriatingly, many of those in more rural locations hadn’t even noticed the change in regime); but Devon is apparently full of witches, ghouls, pixies, and other assorted mythical beings – none of whom are overly keen to help with the survey.

Episode One: A Cunning Plan

On their arrival in Parkham, William immediately sets about gathering information. Osfrith immediately sets about bedding a local barmaid.

William finds the locals to be decidedly unhelpful, not least because they keep employing witchcraft to alter the physical facts – how many peasants there are, how many pigs there are, and whether the village is real or not.

Osfrith soon also finds himself in a less than helpful situation, largely because Brother Colwine is needlessly attempting to save his soul. Again.

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