“Faery Lands” at Blackwell’s Oxford

Hello, Debs again. Just wanted to tell you a bit about my next rehearsed reading (also on the bill is the utterly fab Mr Simon Josiffe) which is happening on 25th April in Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford – and why this one is an extra big deal for yours truly.

When you first start to write seriously (well, I’m a comedy writer so obviously I don’t “write seriously”, but you know what I mean), one of the scariest things is to start thinking of yourself as “a writer” rather than just somebody who has a day job and a kettle and a Netflix subscription who happens to also do a bit of writing on the side. Scarier still is to actually start telling people (out loud!) that you’re a writer…

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and these days I’m reasonably comfortable with admitting to folks that “writer” is a fairly hefty chunk of what makes me “me”. Most people I know are aware by now that I write scripts, that I’ve put on a few readings, and that I have a podcast, an editor, and an unhealthy obsession with “The Writer’s Tale” by Russell T. Davies (GOOD BOOK).

But all of the readings that my work has featured in thus far have happened in London and most of my mates, like me, live in Oxfordshire. Now, a few of my intrepid buddies have trekked into the big smoke to support me (you know who you are – much love, guys) but understandably a lot of them haven’t been able to. And, worryingly, I’ve been kind of okay with that.

If my friends and family aren’t confronted face to face with something that I’ve actually written, it means that me being a writer can continue to be a bit of an abstract concept. I have Schrödinger’s scripting abilities; my chances of a writing career are at once both dead and alive. This year, I decided that I’ve been hiding behind that nonsense for quite long enough. It is high time that I did something on my own patch.

And frankly, it doesn’t get more “my patch” than Blackwell’s where I’ve worked on and off for the last 14 years. I was beyond delighted when I approached them to ask if they’d be interested in hosting a reading and they promptly agreed to let me borrow their bookshop for the evening.

So next Thursday 25th April at 7pm in the Norrington Room, I shall be taking a very big psychological step on my writing journey. If you’re in the Oxford area and fancy popping along to watch, get yourself a ticket (they’re only a fiver).


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