If you weren’t able to make Food & Barbarians back in June, don’t worry – you can listen to Debs’ foody sketches below!

(Many thanks to Sam for kindly recording these and to the brilliant cast for being, well, brilliant!)

The Danish – You’re stuck in a meeting room for another hour with nothing left to talk about and there’s only one Danish Pastry left.

Laura – Claire Wood , Phil – Simon Balcon, Alice – Victoria Ashford, Kelly – Emma Zadow


I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) – When a simple request from boyfriend to girlfriend turns into an argument. (Written as part of the 28 Plays Later challenge)

Fred – Simon Balcon, Mary – Victoria Ashford


Left On The Shelf – Being in possession of some juicy gossip is difficult when you’re a shelving unit. (Written as part of the 28 Plays Later challenge)

Tracy – Emma Zadow, Belinda – Claire Wood , Ryan – Simon Balcon


Dating – You’ve been sent on your first ever internet date, your palms are sweating, and there’s only so much wine in your glass. (Written as part of the 28 Plays Later challenge)

Dani – Claire Wood , Lucy – Victoria Ashford


Lunchtime – Eating your sandwiches whilst a colleague berates you is a lot of hassle on your lunchbreak. (Written as part of the 28 Plays Later challenge)

Jenny – Emma Zadow, Elisa – Claire Wood , Maria – Victoria Ashford

Written by : Team Debs

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