Vamps Series 2 Episode 2

The second Episode of Series 2 of Vamps is now available for your listening pleasure! Check it out now below (and on iTunes) and if you need to catch up, you can find all previous episodes by clicking on the “Vamps the Podcast” link above.

S2Ep2 “Seeds of Envy”

In which we learn that powers can vary.

Vamps has been Longlisted!

We’re very excited to announce that Debs’ play “Vamps” has been longlisted for The Bread & Roses Playwriting Award 2018/2019.

The shortlist is due to be announced later this year so fingers crossed, but in the meantime you can see the full Longlist here.

Rehearsed Readings

One year ago today, the incomparable Mr Simon Josiffe and I put on our first rehearsed reading. We’d found a small fringe theatre in London that we could hire for the day relatively cheaply and bribed a bunch of actors with the promise of sandwiches and biscuits. A rehearsed reading is a really back to basics affair with no set, props, or costume – the actors meet to go through the material a couple of times but they perform, sitting or standing, with the scripts in their hands.

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28 Plays Later

Hello, Debs here! Thought I’d do you a blog as I’ve just completed my second 28 Plays Later challenge which means that during February this year I wrote, well, 28 Plays.

I suppose the most obvious response to this information would be to ask “why?” – a question I asked myself on several occasions during the challenge whilst hunched over my laptop at odd times of night, furiously typing away at that day’s play.

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Rehearsed Readings in Oxford!!!

Debs and Simon have teamed up with the brilliant folk at Blackwell’s Bookshop to bring their next rehearsed readings to Oxford!

You are therefore cordially invited to join us for a magical evening of light-hearted rehearsed readings as we step into the weird and wonderful world of The Fae.

The readings will be taking place in Blackwell’s Norrington Room from 7pm on 25th April 2019. There’ll be a bar and everything…

Book your tickets now!

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