Rehearsed Readings in Oxford!!!

Debs and Simon have teamed up with the brilliant folk at Blackwell’s Bookshop to bring their next rehearsed readings to Oxford!

You are therefore cordially invited to join us for a magical evening of light-hearted rehearsed readings as we step into the weird and wonderful world of The Fae.

The readings will be taking place in Blackwell’s Norrington Room from 7pm on 25th April 2019. There’ll be a bar and everything…

Book your tickets now!

“Fairy Tale” by Simon Josiffe is the story of a wild-living kelpie who’d rather be in the pub or on her motorbike but unfortunately has to look after us feckless mortals instead.

“Changeling” by Debs Wardle follows a woman who, on her 36th birthday, gets dragged into another realm and informed that she’s a faery who was swapped at birth with a human.

Both pieces will be read to you live by a talented cast of actors.

Book your tickets now!

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