Songbirds / Rooms – Rehearsed Readings

Following the success of their last rehearsed readings (and the amount of fun they had), Simon & Debs are returning to Baron’s Court Theatre on 25th August for another afternoon of new writing.

Full details are on Debs’ facebook page, but here’s the programme:

Songbirds by Simon Josiffe

Ever wanted to be a star?

JANE does. She’s got the voice of an angel, but the temper of a rabid wolverine. Or indeed The Wolverine.

OLIVIA has the talent, but is only seventeen. She’s got her followers on her Instagram/Twitter/You Tube but is that enough for her to make it the cynical world of show-business?

SUE is a natural born worrier and it’s her job to promote both of the other two, plus more besides.

Welcome to the world of Songbirds Ltd.

* Interval *

Rooms by Debs Wardle

A grounded flight results in an international singer and her PA checking into a grotty hotel with a storm raging around them.

In the room next door surrounded by bits of equipment, two spies are waiting for their mark to show up at a meet point opposite.

It is only a matter of time before these rooms collide. . .

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