What do you do when your sketches submitted in the last NewsJack window didn’t make it to air? Hijack your mate’s recording session and get some actors to read them, of course!

There are more sketches waiting to be edited and added to this page, but as the first two have had a rough edit, here’s a sneaky preview:

Mythical Meeting

In one of the biggest environmental DNA studies of its kind, it’s been suggested that the Loch Ness Monster might be a large eel.

Hand Holding

It’s been revealed that the Lovers of Modena, a pair of ancient skeletons who were buried holding hands, are in fact – shock horror – both men.

Coming soon: “Platform Romance”, “New Moon”, “Safety First”, “Scandianavian Living”, and various others!


Voices (in alphabetical order): Victoria Ashford, Ben Sohawon, Tim Southgate, Debs Wardle, Charlotte Warner

Written by Debs Wardle

Recorded by Sam Enthoven

Edited by Debs Wardle

Special thanks to Jay Harley at Script Angel for guiding Debs (and putting up with her) through the writing process and to Simon Josiffe for kindly allowing the aforementioned hijacking