Debs Wardle - Voice Reel Scripts

By the way, I write voice reel scripts

Reading lots of voice reel scripts, but struggling to find anything that showcases your best voices? As a voice artist myself, I understand the importance of setting the scene to showcase your characters. And as a writer, I know the foundation of any good scene is the script.

Your voice reels should always be under two minutes long and need to be engaging right from the start to hold the interest of those busy casting directors. No time for slow build ups or complicated backstories here! The reels where you’re showcasing your range by voicing multiple characters (e.g. your character, animation, and gaming reels) are effectively short sketches, and short sketches are tricky to write. I should know, I spent years training with professional script editors to hone that particular skill.

I would love to put that training to use on your behalf, and produce some tailor made voice reel scripts written specifically for you and the voices you do best.

How this works

  • Have 4 – 6 voices in mind. You want to use this reel to showcase your range, so make sure that the voices are as different as possible in terms of pitch, accent, etc.
  • Book a chat with me so we can discuss which voices you want to showcase. I do this on a call rather than via email so that I can get a sense of you and your characters.
  • I will then write you three two-page scripts so that you have a few options. I usually turn these around in about a week.
  • Once you’ve decided which script you want to use, if there’s anything you’d like to change then I will do a second draft of that script free of charge.

“Debs Wardle is an excellent writer and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a top quality script writer.”

Tori Rushton, Tori Talks VO

How Much Is This & What Do I Get?

This service costs just £250 – I know, I’m practically giving my time away. For this, you get:

  • Three bespoke scripts to choose from for your character reel.
  • A free re-write on whichever script you decide to use.
  • A one-on-one call with me (and I’m a total delight, this alone is worth the cost* )
  • Several hours of my time. Crafting a good script is not something that can be rushed.
  • The care and attention of a trained script writer who also happens to be a voice artist herself.

*Opinions my own.