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Glizelda, Mariana, Ophelia, and Jean have been stuck in a castle together for a long time. A very, VERY long time…

The characters in this podcast are vampires and behave as such. If you feel that you might find vampuric activites (screams from the dungeon, the odd sexual reference, etc) offensive or triggering then this might not be the podcast for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

***Series Four Coming Soon***

Series Three (2020)

Credits: Written and performed by Debs Wardle with Nick Fleetwood as The Firefighters.

Music: “The Paladins Underworld” by Shane Ivers, thunder by juskiddink on, additional effects from

Series Three Launch Night Video – The Story So Far

So that’s the story of our girls – now for the story behind the podcast.

Vamps started out life as a stage play. After attending a talk by Dirk Maggs at the 2018 London Screenwriters Festival, I was inspired to try my hand at audio production. As it was just an experiment, I wanted to find something I could voice myself. With its all female cast, my Vamps play was an obvious choice.

I sliced it up, re-wrote the sections with visual gags, and recorded the whole thing on my phone. I found a free sound effects library and downloaded some free software to edit it in. I had no idea what I was doing, but I surprised myself with how well it turned out – and how much I enjoyed the process.

The first two series are a little rough around the edges, sure, but it’s thanks to them that I am now a professional voice artist.

I owe my girls a lot.

Series Two (2019)

Credits: Written and performed by Debs Wardle with effects from

Series One (2018)

Credits: Written and performed by Debs Wardle with effects from