Hi, I’m a voice artist with a neutral English accent

I have a theatrical background and have been mimicking adverts for as long as I can remember (I’m a nightmare to watch telly with). I was born in Sussex and grew up in North Devon with a brummie mother and northern father. Growing up with these influences has resulted in my having a neutral english accent and a very verstile voice.

Having initially experimented with recording my voice using my phone (which resulted in my podcast Vamps), I’m now a trained voice artist with a home studio. If you have a project that requires a narrator, voice actor, commentary (or, to put it another way: a voice artist) my home studio and I would love to help you out. Get in touch to discuss your project!

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Debs Wardle - Voice Artist

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Factual & Commercial

E-Learning Reel & Clips produced by Emily Jardine | All other reels produced by Debs Wardle | All music by Shane Ivers at silvermansound.com

That’s all very well Debs, but why would I hire a voice artist
when Jenny in accounts says she’ll do it?

A fair question, and I’m sure Jenny in accounts has a very nice voice; but does she have a professional microphone and studio set up? Does she have a theatrical background that taught her how to project that nice voice of hers properly? Has she received voiceover training from some of the best in the business? Does she know the optimum distance she should be from the microphone, how to minimise mouth noises, and what level to set her gain at (does she even know what gain is?) to ensure the recording is crisp and clear?

If you want the narration on your training video, promotional material, internal communication, or explainer video to sound truly professional, Jenny in accounts simply isn’t going to cut it – no offence, Jenny.

What you need is a trained voice over artist with professional equipment who can record your script for you and make sure that it sounds exactly how you want it to. In other words, you need me (again, no offence, Jenny).

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Character & Narrative

The Baddies directed by Emily Jardine | All reels produced by Debs Wardle | All music by Shane Ivers at silvermansound.com | Effects from zapsplat.com

“Debs’ range, commitment and energy makes every character come alive”

Simon Josiffe, Writer & Director, Morlock Productions

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Fun Voice Artist Type Stuff

I’ve worked on some really fun projects as a voice artist – click on the images below to find out more.

Space Buccaneers by Simon Josiffe
Vamps Podcast
Original Sin Narration
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Voice Artist Trained By

Gravy for the Brain
Emily Jardine
Louis Elman ADR Academy