Debs Wardle - Voice Artist, Comedy Writer, & Podcaster

“Debs’ range, commitment and energy makes every character come alive”


Hi I’m Debs!

Comedy Writer

Debs Wardle - Comedy Writer

Voice Artist

Debs Wardle - Voice Artist

Copy Writer

Debs Wardle - Comedy Writer

It’s lovely to meet you!

Hello, I’m Debs Wardle and I’m an Oxfordshire based Voice Artist and Comedy Writer. My favourite thing in the world is creating characters, whether it’s finding the right voice to fit my clients’ projects or building them word by witty word in one of my own scripts.

People engage with compelling characters, be they naturalistic (eg a trustworthy and authoritative voice over for a corporate script) or totally over the top (such as a zany and extroverted faery in an animation). I love working on characters from right across this spectrum and using them to communicate via the magic of storytelling.

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