My favourite thing about being a Voice Artist is that I get to hang out with lots of other Voice Artists. I can honestly say that the voice world is home to some of the nicest, most inclusive, and supportive bunch of humans you are ever likely to come across. I’ve met some amazing people since I started this journey and made some wonderful friends.

One such person who I met on an online social waaaay back in 2020, back when the only way you could socialise was online, was Mr Ted Huggins. I remember Ted telling everyone in our Zoom Room that he was busy working on a podcast, so when it came out I made sure I gave it a listen – and became an instant Cryo Pod Tapes fan.

I was therefore delighted when Ted reached out to me last year to say that he’d got a story with a female protagonist, and would I be interested in guest narrating it? I aimed for nonchalance in my response, and completely missed – practically bit his hand off to get involved! He duly sent me over a brilliant script which I thoroughly enjoyed recording. The resulting episode came out in January, and if you’ve not heard it yet, you can listen to it here:

We also recorded a chat about the episode, voice work, writing, various sci-fi franchises, and many, many other things (it’s nearly three hours long!) and you can find that here:

Once those were both recorded, I thought that was it – what a lovely project to have been a part of, and a finished piece of podcast work that I’m genuinely proud of. On to the next thing. But then Ted got in touch again, he wanted to do an ensemble piece to celebrate the 30th Episode of Cryo Pod Tapes and had me in mind for one of the characters. Again, I completely missed nonchalance with my reply.

Another fantastic script, and this time with a fabulous cast: Mars Lipowski, Emma Griffiths, Justine Ghosty, and Ted himself. Observation – Part One came out on 5th July and it sounds brilliant, everyone has absolutely knocked it out the park. You can listen to it here:

Do keep an eye out for Part Two, which will be out in a few weeks. No spoilers, but I will just say that I got to have a lot of fun making creature noises for it!

I absolutely love working on projects like this, so if you’re looking for a guest voice on your podcast (or any audio production, for that matter!) drop me an email and let’s have a chat:

Written by : Debs Wardle

I'm a writer and voice artist based in Oxfordshire, UK. I love nothing more than helping creatives make their content sparkle, be that through collaborating on a script, providing them with a voice over for their marketing campaigns, or with a cheeky spot of copy editing or copy writing.

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