You want to hear something ridiculous? I’ve had this website for my writing and voice work for a couple of years. And I had another website just for writing for several years before that. And THIS is my first proper blog post.

No, really.

I sort of had a newsfeed on my old website where I’d hurriedly share the odd bits of news – a rehearsed reading here, a self-produced episode of something there, but an actual proper blog post?

Nope, not a single one.

Well, that’s not totally ridiculous. I mean, we’re all busy.

Yes. But I’m a professional writer. And, what’s more to the point – a professional blogger. I’ve been blogging professionally on and off for various businesses for years, but never really for my own!

As a professional blogger who dabbles in online marketing, I am fully aware of the benefits of regular blog posts in terms of SEO and general visibility.

I know I should be blogging for myself but I just … haven’t been.

Ok, yes. That does sound a little silly.

Right? What makes it even more silly is that I’ve been using blogging as a form of social media since before social media was even really a thing. Remember Live Journal? Yeah, I had one of those – posted on it most days for years.

If anybody ought to be able to sustain a blog, it’s me.

So why haven’t you been?

A very good question – and one I don’t really have an answer to.

There’s that old problem of there only being so many hours in the day, the classic question of what I would write about and whether anybody would want to read it, and then there’s our good pal Impostor Syndrome sitting there telling me (as Mx I. Syndrome likes to tell all artists in all fields and of all levels of success) that if I start telling people about my work and my journey, that They’ll Think I’m A Fraud!!!

Right. Well. That actually IS ridiculous.

I agree. So I’m going to start blogging and sharing bits of info on what I’m up to.

How the writing’s going, how many hours I’ve spent in the booth, the rejections, the successes, and everything in between.

It may not be regular, and it may not always be pretty, but I am making this commitment to you now, Dear Reader, that it WILL happen.

Written by : Debs Wardle

I'm a writer and voice artist based in Oxfordshire, UK. I love nothing more than helping creatives make their content sparkle, be that through collaborating on a script, providing them with a voice over for their marketing campaigns, or with a cheeky spot of copy editing or copy writing.

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